Zar points

North / OW   [Teams]

You are west. Picking up the last hand of the match :

s K Q 10 7 4
h K J 6 3 2
d 10 9 7

After 3 passes you have to decide.
Your system does not allow a weak two with just 5, neither do you have a weak two-suiter in your system.
So you decide to go with the Rule of Fifteen, this says you should pass.

You ask partner:
"Last hand how many points did you have?"
"Eight" he replies
Reassured you say: "OK I had only nine, we can't have missed much"

As you and your partner compare scores with your teammates the last game comes up
partner says: "All pass,so a zero score"
your teammate Paul says: "Two thousend-fourhundred-senventy for them"
"Yes they reached seven hearts and I could not believe that, holding club ace and KQ diamonds"
"So 20 imps"
Writing the imps on the scoresheet he draws the conclusion:
"I should not have doubled"
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